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Networking with Werk Nights & Alexis Lenihan - A Recap

Networking with Werk Nights & Alexis Lenihan - Key habits of high-performance individuals

Networking is so important for any industry professional. One of the most effective PR tactics is in-person, networking. It truly is who you know, and more importantly, it’s about the communities you help to build and inspire!

Communicate PR was honoured to be able to attend the Hamilton Werk Nights event hosted by Alyssa Lancia with the help of Day of Creative. Werk Nights is a monthly networking event for female business owners in Hamilton Ontario.

This month's Werk Nights event was hosted in the beautiful SteelTown Cider Taphouse, everything from the gracious staff to the amazing stemware was perfect! The energy in the room was amazing and the community of strong women uplighting each other was great to see (and feel). At each event, there is a professional speaker, and this time we were lucky enough to hear from …. A high-performance coach and business strategist Alexis Lenihan.

So what were the takeaways?

6 key habits of high-performance individuals Presented by Alexis Lenihan - High-Performance Coach and Business Strategist

1. Seeking Clarity

Be clear about your goals and objectives. Have a purpose and make sure it is clearly defined in your plan.

2. Generating Evenrgy

Energy is transferable, make sure you are doing what it takes to give out the energy you need to reach your goals,

3. Raising Necessity

Digging into that why? Find out why you need to be successful and don't lose sight of it.

4. Increase productivity.

Find 1 way every day to increase productivity.

5. Depth of relationship or influence

Create meaningful relationships and become a person of influence. Think… who do I look up to as an industry leader? What do they bring to the table?

6. Demonstrating Courage

Find small ways every day to strengthen your courage. This will build and increase your courage in time.

We loved these 6 habits and we're excited to take them back to the high achievers at Communicate PR. Networking and community building are passions and the Werk Nights community did not disappoint!

Alexis left us with this quote “Everything you desire is possible if you are willing to step fully into the highest potential of yourself, and take that version of you into the world every day" and we couldn't agree more!

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Feb 27, 2023
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