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Marketing & Public Relations

Getting your message out is crucial when building a brand. Public relations is the way your company communicates, both in the outside world and internally. Good communication can make the difference between success and failure, we are here to make sure the right message is being delivered every time. Our team will create key message to help you communicate your company’s message.

Crisis Communications

Handling a crisis is more than just making a problem go away. It’s about getting in front of the problem and handling it as efficiently as possible. In order to do that, a company needs a plan of action to use in time of crisis. This will help prepare the business when addressing the stakeholders. At Richardson & Associates we can help you create a plan so that you are fully prepared to handle any crisis that may arise.

Marketing, Communication and
Business Plans

Whether you have a new business, need to streamline your marketing efforts or are planning for next years event schedule, we have you covered! We create and present plans tailored to your specific needs. Planning will help keep your company focused on your specific goals in a time sensitive manner. When working with a team, it's important to make sure everyone is on the same page. A company plan will inform everyone and make sure that the team is unified in their efforts, resulting in higher success rates and growth of your bottom line overall.

Media Releases

At Richardson & Associates we pride ourselves on providing innovative and visual appeasing media releases. When something new and exciting happens we use all available channels to make sure your message is heard. Specializing in both traditional and online releases our team will make sure we keep your audience well informed. We will provide your business with media releases that will grab attention and do the right people notice you for your brand. Tailored media lists allow us to create relationships with the right people to maximize all PR efforts.

Logo Creation

Creating a logo you love is sometimes a long process. At Richardson & Associates we understand the importance of committing to a logo you LOVE. Our associates are willing to work with you to find a logo that perfectly represents what your company is about. Everything from the graphic to the catch phrase we will work with you to develop a logo that will grow with your company and last through change and evolution. Speak with one of our associates today about developing the perfect logo for your company.

Other Services


·      Speech Writing

·      Radio P.S.A

·      Media Training

·      Internal Communications

·      Newsletters

·      Brochures

·      Flyers

·      Sell Sheets

and more!

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